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We build a custom solution for you!

NomadReflex has vast experience with projects in various European, African and Latin America countries, providing dedicated workforce solutions.
We bring excellency globally to all our clients. This is a kind of Nomad reflex.

NomadReflex skilled labour staff

Our Mission

We aim to help our partners grow, going the extra mile to satisfy their needs, but also the needs of our workers, that is how we, ourselves grow.
With the fulfillment of both.


The day to day of NomadReflex, is inspired by the passion that moves us ever forward. We are passionate for what we do. Each worker, works with pride and satisfaction. If there is no passion, there is no sustainable growth.


NomadReflex is a company that is transparent with their partners and workers, NomadReflex workers are encouraged to be transparent with each other, we also encourage that our workers hear and accept opinions from one another.


Each worker should feel proud and responsible for the professional decisions that they make each and every day. we hold ourselves accountable for all our success, but also for the failures, because it is our failures that make us better, that make us grow and strive for excellency.

Our goal

Creation of sustained value, in a long term perspective, through competent and motivated staff. We intend to ensure full satisfaction of demanding customers, in order to consolidate its presence in competitive international environments, through the excellence of all its products and services.

How do you get benefits for your business?

  • Oil & Gas


    Piping & Structure

    Protective Coatings, Insulation & Scaffolding

    Ropeacess & Rigging


  • Consulting and Contract Managment

    Cost Estimation & Control

    Technical Advising


  • Engineering

    Project Management

    EPSC Contracts


  • Erecting and Industrial Installation

    Metal Structural Work

    Equipment Installation

    Industrial Piping Prefabrication and Instalation


  • Industrial Maintenance

    Industrial Shutdown

    Inspection Plans and Equipment Control

    Preventive & Corrective Maintenance

    Maintenance & Construction

  • Construction

    Formwork Installation



  • Protective Coatings

    Blasting and Industrial Painting


    Piping Insulation


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